Stress Counselling

How many days are lost through work-related stress in Britain each year?

No one can agree on the actual figure, but they are all in the range of 10-14 million!  Whether you're an employer or an employee, you are clearly not alone! Unfortunately the National Health Service is not so hot at providing help for this condition. Your G.P. may sign you off sick with anxiety and prescribe you some pills, but that is no more than a "plaster" over a serious problem. What a stressed person actually needs is to be referred for therapy. The waiting list for counselling is usually several months long! That is no good to either employer or employee. Long term absence is expensive and inconvenient to employers and degrading and humiliating for sufferers.

 Private Counselling For Individuals

I offer a completely confidential service for just 30 per session. Having been through stressful experiences myself and come out the other side, I have the empathy, the skills and the qualifications to help you make a fresh start.

I offer cost-effective solutions for employers

For a fraction of the cost of long-term sick pay I offer both prevention and cure. I counsel individual employees either at home, a neutral venue or at your on-site facilities for a flat fee of 50 per session. Sessions last one hour and I will agree the maximum number of sessions at the beginning of treatment. Working closely with all parties I will help employees identify the root cause of their problem and teach them a number of techniques to cope and make a fresh start.

Alternatively, why not prevent problems before they start? I offer entertaining and informative stress management seminars of 15 minute, 30 minute or full hour sessions. Learn why people get stressed in the first place and a variety of strategies to cope. Prices start from just 100. I offer an expenses-only initial consultation to discuss your needs and to enable you to decide if my services are right for your business.

How does Stress Counselling work?

Stress counselling is very practical and down-to-earth. It involves sharing your problems and feelings with a trained counsellor, who, being detatched and uninvolved in your situation, will enable you to see everything in proper perspective so that together you can organize priorities and draw up an agreed action plan. This will usually involve practical exercises and techniques that enable you to cope better with situations as they arise and to make better decisions. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to give your own life a thorough examination and be given tools to help you get the best out of it. If you are committed to making your own life better and to be the person you yourself wish to be, and are prepared to make changes, then stress counselling is for you.


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