A great advantage of Reiki is that it is so undemanding of the recipient. At the beginning of the session, the practitioner will ask you if there is anything in particular that you wish to be healed or talk about. You may share as much or as little of any problems as you wish. You do not have to divulge anything at all in order to benefit from Reiki. However, if you do share a concern, the practitioner will focus on that problem during the treatment. Anything that is divulged or happens in a Reiki session is held in the strictest confidence by the practitioner.


If you are receiving a short “taster” session, you will have the option of receiving Reiki seated, but it is recommended that for most sessions you receive Reiki lying down on the Reiki table on your back. (You do not have to remove any clothing). The practitioner will then gently lay hands on you in various places. (The practitioner should never touch you in any private or intimate places)  Occasionally the practitioner holds their hands slightly above or around you, an inch or so from your body. The practitioner will usually speak very little to you during the treatment itself. The practitioner will let you know that the session has ended by a gentle shake of your shoulder.


Every Reiki session is unique, but there are several very common experiences. Recipients often report how warm the practitioner's hands felt, and that heat seems to radiate off the practitioner when they are close. As soon as they are touched, recipients often feel themselves relaxing straight away and rapidly lose all track of time. The experience is sometimes described as like being very pleasantly sedated, and even full hour sessions seem to pass very quickly. Most recipients leave the session feeling happier, relaxed and yet alert and refreshed.



Compared to other complementary therapies, Reiki is relatively inexpensive. Fees vary from £10 to £30, depending on session length, appointment time and location. These prices are frozen until April 2015. See also the Fees Page .


...These fees are payable in full directly after the session is concluded.          More...                  Back to Contents....






















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