Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is the Japanese art of healing. Though based on very ancient techniques, Reiki itself was founded in the early 20th Century by Usui Mikao, a Japanese Buddhist. Having discovered a way that people could enjoy healing and enlightenment much faster than had been available before, unlike the very insular attitude of his contemporaries, Usui wanted to teach what he'd learned to everyone. He taught his technique to his followers who expanded it further and then handed it down from one practitioner to another. All genuine Reiki practitioners know the whole chain of Reiki masters who have passed on the technique from Usui all the way to themselves. Only Reiki masters who have received their knowledge directly through this chain of masters can teach Reiki to new practitioners.


Reiki is based on the same theory as the ancient practice of acupuncture, that there is a universal energy called “Chi” (or “Ki” in Japanese) that can be directed through the body to promote healing. Whereas acupuncture uses very fine needles, Usui discovered that a similar effect could come through a suitably trained person laying hands on the sick person in the right way. Modern science has no means of measuring this energy, so like acupuncture you can only know its effectiveness through having the experience yourself.



Reiki is beneficial for everything, for any physical, mental or spiritual disorder, but particularly anxiety, stress and trauma. However, it must be understood that Reiki offers healing, not a cure. It stimulates the mind, body and spirit to heal itself, but exactly how this healing will manifest itself and over what time scale cannot be predicted. For this reason Reiki should be seen as a complementary not alternative therapy. You should not necessarily substitute a current course of treatment for Reiki, but have Reiki in addition. Nevertheless, there are often rapid noticeable benefits.


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