Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for healing and problem solving. You may associate

hypnosis with Derren Brown and people being made to think they are washing machines

for entertainment. However, for thousands of years hypnosis has been put to a more

wholesome use as a treatment for a wide range of conditions from trauma to eczema.


Most of what goes on in your mind happens completely beyond your conscious awareness. When you find
 yourself behaving in ways you regret or do not understand, or cannot stop unwanted habits, the source of the problem lies in this unconscious part of the mind. Hypnotherapy enables you to access this normally hidden part of your mind and make changes. This can result in dramatic and profound improvements to your life.

Hypnotherapy is particularly effective at helping people lose weight and stopping smoking, and these are the most common reasons that people seek my help. However it can deal with a wide range of other problems too. These include stress management, pain management (including during childbirth) anger management, phobias, anxiety, confidence issues, emotional trauma (including bereavement and abuse), eczema, psoriasis and insomnia, as well as most unwanted behaviour. 

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