Hypnosis and guided meditation by CD and Skype

Now EVERYONE EVERYWHERE can enjoy the benefit of my services.

I am very proud of the reputation I have built up, and I am now available to a worldwide audience. Nothing beats the 1-2-1 experience of a face to face session, but now I offer an easily accessible and affordable alternative everyone can experience. Why not talk to me in person for more details? skype gary.david.blonder or call +4417837970745


1. BASIC DEEP HYPNOSIS RELAXATION SESSION ( SKYPE UKú20 or US$30 or 25Euros  - CD UKú25 or US$35 or 30 Euros includes all postage and packing)

An excellent introduction to the whole experience, this is definitely one of life's "must do before you die" activities. Better for you and as powerful as any recreational drug, you will feel great afterwards. As one of my clients once commented - "whoa! What a ride!" Available as a free 30-minute or priced 1-hour session.

2. BESPOKE PERSONAL HYPNOTHERAPY ( per session SKYPE UKú30 or US$40  or 35 Euros - CD UKú35 or US$45 or 40 Euros includes all postage and packing)

Completely discreet and confidential, we will discuss your issues at no charge by Skype or e-mail, and then I will create a personalised session to help you with it, by Skype or CD. Anxiety, smoking cessation and weight control are the most popular issues I help with, but any mental/emotional issues can benefit from hypnotherapy.

2. BESPOKE GUIDED MEDITATIONS ( SKYPE UKú20 or US$30 or 25 Euros  - CD UKú25 or US$35 or 30 Euros includes all postage and packing)

A zero-effort zero-commitment option, my guided meditations evoke a light gentle trance and can be tailored to any aspect of life or spirituality you wish to improve. 


Easy! To book an online appointment, order a CD or find out more just e-mail info@garyblonder.co.uk or skype gary.david.blonder .

Post a cheque or International Money Order to: Gary Blonder-Hypnotherapist, 26 Blakehill Terrace, Undercliffe, BRADFORD BD2 3JS UNITED KINGDOM. Please note, ordinary national postal orders from outside the UK are not acceptable.

Once cashed, I'll take it from there!

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