Corporate Wellbeing

I am able to offer flexible and most importantly effective stress-management and personal issue solutions to keep your most expensive outgoing, your employees, performing to their maximum potential. I am fully qualified and insured for all the therapies I offer.


A stress-free working environment is neither posssible nor even desirable in modern commerce and industry. Some stress is essential to keep individuals motivated and on task. However they need the skills to manage this stress and prevent it overwhelming them. This doesn't come naturallly, it has to be taught. Every day organisations are unnecessarily losing vast sums of money on employees underperforming or absent because of stress. Worse, good workers are being needlessly lost and having to be expensively replaced, simply because it never occurred to anyone to teach people how to cope. I teach the essential skills necessary to cope with demanding environments. I am now the person I wish I had access to when I was both a teacher and a production manager. In addition, I offer effective confidential therapies for individuals whose personal issues are affecting their performance at work. The services I offer pay for themselves many times over!


Check out my website for my qualifications and credentials, and most importantly, read the stories of people I have helped already !


Contract Options


1. Subsidised Counselling - My headline rate for individual sessions is 90 per session. For a low-commitment on-demand service, why not simply offer to subsidise your employees for sessions? The rate of subsidy is then entirely within your control. For the lowest possible commitment, simply offer time off for counselling and I will charge your employee a flat rate of 50 per session. I never need more than five sessions to help someone. If in the unlikely event that the client is still in need, I offer more sessions free.


2. Seminars - Preventative measures are really the best way to go for the enlightened organisation - be proactive rather than reactive! Why wait until a problem expensively manifests itself? Stress management seminars are an excellent way of doing this. Equip whole teams (up to 30 staff) at once to cope better.

Full-day courses - 500

Half-day courses - 300

Hour seminars - 100


3. Negotiable fixed contracts: Why not show your commitment to your valuable employees by having your own dedicated on-site therapist/counsellor? Because every organisation's needs are unique, these fixed contracts are specifically tailored to your requirements. I can offer daily, weekly or monthly visits, for a negotiated fixed period. Counselling is always in strict confidence, so your employee needs to know that what they divulge is not passed on. Why not treat your employees to the wonderful restorative experience of Reiki once a week? This undemanding and highly relaxing therapy may be all that's needed to keep busy people on track. Remember prevention is much easier and cheaper than cure. It may be a false economy to wait until a vital member of the team is sick!


Corporate visits start at a maximum of 90 per hour plus travel expenses (if any), but the agreed rate is negotiable depending on the extent of the contract being offered.


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